Parallel session B1

5th October 2022/ 17:00-18:30
Machado room
(floor -2)

The European Union recognizes the role of RIs as a pillar of the European Research  and innovation Area. RIs foster competitiveness and growth of the European economy.

The European Union has created an intergovernmental committee to design research infrastructures policy, called ESFRI (European Strategic Forum on Research Infrastructures). Its mandate is to establish a European roadmap for Research Infrastructures for the next 10-20 years, identifying priorities and addressing gaps, to facilitate multilateral initiatives for new infrastructures and upgrades  and ensure implementation of pan-European research infrastructure projects.

Supporting the intergovernmental work of ESFRI, the European Commission manages a budget for research infrastructures within the broader EU’s research framework programme for research and innovation. This EU budget for research infrastructures is used for:

  • Supporting the work of ESFRI, by financing projects that create the concept or technical design of upgrades or new research infrastructures. The EU budget does not cover the costs of building facilities but funds their preparation.
  • Connecting scientific communities across borders, supporting joint work on technological roadmaps.
  • Enabling access to facilities across the EU via a transnational access programme for research infrastructures users.


The purpose of this session is to present an overview of how the EU’s policy for research infrastructure plays out, paying particular attention to the opportunities offered to industrial participants. The panel will cover different examples of industrial participation in EU research infrastructures grants.


  • Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation - Inmaculada Figueroa - Deputy Director General for Internationalisation of Science and Innovation and ESFRI Vice Chair (Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation)
    • Big Science in the ESFRI Roadmap
  • European Commission: Lia Karamali- R&I Actors and Research Careers Head of Unit at the Research and Innovation Directorate General of European Commission
    • The EU Research Infrastructures Programme
  • CERN - Maurizio Vretenar, Project Leader
    • Cooperation RIs-Industry within EU projects: IFAST, AIDA-Innova, ATTRACT, QUACO
  • Einstein Telescope - Mario Martínez, ET Project Leader
    • Einstein Telescope
  • VDL - Miranda Van der Berg, Innovation network manager at VDL
    • Compact Light XLS project
  • ENRIITC - Anne Charlotte Joubert, ENRIITC Project Leader
    • ENRIITC CSA outcome and Catalogue of successful collaboration cases (RIs-industry)


Round table

Rol of RIs in the Big Science ecosystem, international cooperation and technology transfer

Cooperation between RIs & industry :barriers, learned lessons and challenges


  • Edward MIitchell - Head of Business Development at ESRF and EIROforum member

Research infrastructures make science happen (Infographic: EC)

The Commission defines, evaluates and implements strategies and tools to provide Europe with world-class sustainable Research Infrastructures.