Parallel session B4

29th September 2020/ 17:00-18:30
Machuca room
(floor -2)

Big Science constructions are examples of complex civil engineering, safety-important buildings typically characterized by high safety requirements to protect personnel, users, equipment, and surroundings against radiation, fire, gas, cryogenics, chemicals, heavy loads, and other hazardous items or situations. Many complex civil engineering techniques, safety regulations and practices have some commonalities in the Big Science organisations. They are typically subjected to the regulatory requirements of the country they are based in. The technical areas of particular interest are for example: complex civil engineering, health and safety activities and legislation, radiation protection and shielding, nuclear and non-nuclear hazards, waste management and disposal, radiological and environmental monitoring, licensing regulations, access control.


  • CERN – Luigi Serio, Group Leader, Administration, Resources & Performance, EN Department, Luigi Scibile, Group Leader, Site Engineering, SMB Department, and Peter Sollander, Group Leader, Industrial Controls and Safety Systems, BE Department
  • ESA – Pier Domenico Resta, Ariane 6 Launch System Architect Manager and Jean-Michel Rizzi, Ariane 6 Launch Base Development Project Manager
  • ESFR – Alvaro Ruiz-Baillon, Construction Engineer 
  • ESS – Peter Jacobsson, Head of Environment, Safety and Health
  • F4E – Laurent Schmieder 
  • ILL – Giuliana Manzin, Project Manager


  • Patrik CARLSSON - ILO for F4E/ITER, ESO & SKA. Sweden


Advanced Training Centre building (Photo: EMBL)

Big Science constructions are examples of complex civil engineering with safety-important buildings.