Parallel session D2

6th October 2022/ 14:30-16:00
Albéniz room
(floor -2)

Superconducting magnets are key components in particle accelerators and fusion energy experiments, where their primary role is to control the path and shape of beams of electrically charged particles. Progress is constantly made in the field of superconductivity and particularly the following technical areas are of interest to Big Science organisations developing future particle accelerators, colliders and fusion tokamaks: superconducting materials, superconducting RF cavities, superconducting links, magnet design and technology, cable and conductors production and test, manufacturing and testing of coils, high-temperature superconductors.


  • CERN
    • Arnaud Devred, Group Leader, Magnets, Superconductors and Cryostats, TE Department
    • Andrzej Siemko, Project leader for High Field Magnets
  • European XFEL - Sara Casalbuoni, Group Leader, Undulator Systems
    • Overview of tenders in the area of SCU development from European XFEL
  • FAIR – Christian Roux, Head of superconducting magnets, or Peter Spiller, Sub-project leader for SIS 100ç
    • Superconducting Magnets for FAIR


  • Fredrik Engelmark – Swedish ILO at CERN. Big Science Sweden

Superconducting part of XFEL (Photo: European XFEL)

Big Science organisations have a particular need  of superconducting magnets, as key components in particle accelerators and fusion energy experiments.