Parallel session D3

6th October 2022 /14:30-16:00
Manuel de Falla auditorium
(floor +1)

Big Science organisations manage hugely complex projects that involve the construction, upgrade and operation of breakthrough research facilities, in collaboration with industry. This entails the need for these organisations and industry to hire specialised human resources in different domains of engineering, often with a scientific background.  These professionals provide the backbone for the success of these highly ambitious projects.

The search for these technical human resources is a challenging endeavour, which capitalises on specific training programmes and degrees in the areas of particle physics, fusion and astronomy. Previous experience in industry or national laboratories is often required, although some Big Science facilities also offer opportunities for entry-level professionals.

In the session, representatives from the key co-organising Big Science member organisations of BSBF and industry will provide an overview of their current career opportunities at a technical level and their demands on staff size and challenging qualifications in the years to come, while also addressing the higher education perspective and also touching on the Big Science career pathways in industry. A set of recommendations and learned lessons for people seeking a recruitment in the Big Science market will be given.


  • CERN – José Miguel Jimenez, Head of Technology Department
  • ESA – Lucy van der Tas, Head of Talent Acquisition,  Human Resources Department
  • F4E – Leonardo Biagioni, Head of Contracts and Procurement
  • Polytechnic University of Madrid – Guillermo de Arcas, Head of Instrumentation and Applied Accoustics Research Group and PI of UPM BigScience
  • University of Granada –Blanca Biel, IFMIF-DONES School Co-Director
  • ENSA – Maria Vega, Business Development and Investees Vice President
    • The view of industry
  • IPP Garching - Miguel Astrain, Data acquisition and Instrumentation developer at ASDEX Upgrade
  • The ATTRACT Academy – Pablo García Tello-, CERN EU Office, Section Head Development of EU Projects & Initiatives



Dario Cruz – FuseNet Executive Officer