The following organisations are members of the International Organising Committee of BSBF2022 and are involved in the setting up of the BSBF2022:

Big Science Organisations

CERN – The European Organization for Nuclear Research

Anders Unnervik - Head of Procurement and Industrial Services Group

EMBL – European Molecular Biology Laboratory

Evelyne Cudraz - Head of Purchase

ESA – European Space Agency

Franck Germes - Head of Earth Observation, Navigation and Telecommunication Procurement Division

ESO – European Southern Observatory

Arnout Tromp - Head of Contracts and Procurement

ESRF – European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

Ingrid Milanese - Head of Procurement & Contracts

ESS – European Spallation Source

Ute Gunsenheimer - Head of External Relations & EU Projects

Mirko Menninga - Head of Supply, Procurement & Logistics Division

European XFEL  European X-Ray Free Electron Laser

Kitty Fritz-Nielen - Head of Procurement & Inbound Logistics

Antonio Bonucci - Supply Chain Manager IKC

FAIR - Facility for Antriproton and Ion Reseach in Europe

Sonia Utermann - In-kind and procurement

F4E – Fusion for Energy

Stavros Chatzipanagiotou - Head of Communication

Victor Sáez - Group Leader/ Market Intelligence

Leonardo Biagioni - Head of Contracts and Procurement

ILL – Institut Laue-Langevin

Xavier Philippé - Head of Purchasing

SKA – Square Kilometre Array

Ian Hastings - Head of Procurement Services

Simon Berry - Director of Corporate Strategy


Industry Liaison Officers

PERIIA – the Pan-European Research Infrastructure ILO Association

Paolo Acunzo - Chair of PERIIA

BigScience.dk - Denmark ILO (BSBF2018 organisers)

Nikolaj Zangenberg - CERN & Industrial Liaison Officer
BigScience.nl - Netherland ILO

Toon Verhoeven - F4E & ESS Industrial Liaison Officer


Host Organisers

CDTI – Innovation Agency of the Ministry of Science and Innovation

Javier Ponce - Director General

Juan Carlos Cortés - Director of Space, Scientific Big Installations and Dual Programmes (IOC President)

Roberto Trigo - Department Head of Scientific Big Installations and Dual Programmes

Jorge López Reig - Project Officer for BSBF2021

Javier Echávarri - ILO for ESO and SKA

Ana Belén del Cerro - ILO for F4E

Manuel Moreno - ILO for CERN, ESRF, XFEL, ILL, ESS

MCIU - Ministry of Science and Innovation

José Juan Sánchez - Subdirector of internationalisation of science and innovation

CIEMAT - Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas

Angel Ibarra - Head of Spanish contribution to IFMIF-EVEDA and European candidacy for IFMIF-DONES