Technology transfer will be a reality at BSBF2022 supported by a specific technology transfer track which will be running during the whole congress length, capitalising not only on technologies developed in the realm of the Big Science market driven by research infrastructures but also motivating cross-sector transfer of technologies which also can have potential applications in Big Science facilities. 

The objective of the Technology Transfer track is to provide Research Infrastructures and companies attending the forum the means to share and seek technologies with potential cross-market applications, either in Big Science or in other markets:

  • On one hand, from the Research Infrastructure perspective, having devoted a great effort from the Big Science projects in terms of development and budget by designing their facility based on a particular new or innovative technology, that could be ready after full development for any other science project in another application or as a technology element to be used as part of a new design with new requirements.
  • On the other hand, from the company point of view, having invested in a new technology or innovative solution as a solution for a new challenge requested in a particular contract or industrial opportunity. Companies in this situation should be willing to identify other opportunities in other Big Science projects, other fields of the science industry system or other markets where the strong effort devoted by the company to fully develop and master the knowledge on the technology will pay off with future possible applications and sells.
Opportunities for technology transfer proposals: publication in the website, dedicated poster and short technology transfer meeting presentations in front of limited audiences.


How: Participants will submit technology transfer proposals by uploading a presentations, based on a template, in the BSBF2022 registration module at anytime before the congress. Proposals should cover: abstract of technology; picture; original application field; IPR status; other potential fields of application and impact; SWOT of the technology (-optional-); contact and basic company information. Technology transfer proposals will be available to all participants on the web page and app. Any participant interested in your technology will be able to contact you and request a B2B meeting.

Technology transfer proposals will be considered as candidates for the Technology Transfer track of BSBF2022.

From the proposals presented up to the technology transfer proposals submission deadline (30/04/2022), a selection of proposalls will be performed by the organization based on its relevance and quality; and the selected ones, will feature in the Technology Transfer track of BSBF2022, and will be entitled to:

  • Publication in the congress website and app.
  • Being included in the technology transfer posters located in an exclusive location of the exhibition area (floor 1). Posters will be generated by the organizations based on the information provided in the selected technology transfer proposals.
  • One slot in the technology transfer meetings to present the technology transfer opportunity (-presentation not limited to the template-) to any party interested in making use of your technology in other market segments. These meetings will have a limited audience (up to 10) with the objective to generate and start interactive contacts on the specific technology.
  • The first five ranked companies will be invited to the GALA dinner. These companies will recieve a diploma for their technology transfer proposals.
  • The first ranked company will be invited to participate on the Plenary Session III: Closure session.
  • All the selected Technology transfer track entities will be given a token of recognition in their badge and in the BSBF2022 list of participants (To be confirmed).


When: Technology Transfer track will be running during the whole of Day 1 (Wednesday) and Day 2 (Thursday) from 09:30 to 18:30. Meetings will be performed sequentially (30 min each) based on a Technology Transfer track programme to be published on the web.

Where: Technology transfer meetings will take place in room Seminars S1&S2 (floor 1), located next to the exhibition area.

PF5 joints for helium flow (Credit: ITERO)