Carlos Alejaldre Losilla

Director General

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CIEMAT Director General, Madrid, Spain (2018-).

Vice President ENRESA, Madrid, Spain (2018-).

Vice President ENUSA, Madrid, Spain (2018-).

Executive Director for Implementation of IFMIF-DONES in Spain (2016-).

Member of IAEA Standing Advisory Group on Nuclear Energy (2018-).

ITER Deputy Director General. ITER Organization. Cadarache, France. (2006-2015).

Director General for Technology Policy. Ministry of Education and Science (2004-2006).

Vice Chairman European Strategic Forum Research Infrastructures (2006).

Director of “Laboratorio Nacional de Fusión por Confinamiento Magnético (CIEMAT)”. and the “Asociación EURATOM-CIEMAT para Fusión”. Spain (creation-2004). Director of Project ITER-Spain.

Co-Chairman of the European Science and Technology Advisory Committee (Fusion Programme 1999-2004).

Member of United Kingdom Engineering and Research Council Fusion Advisory Board (2004-2012).

Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Max-Planck Institute for Plasma Physics (2002-2008).

Chairman of International Stellarator Executive Committee of the IEA Implementing Agreement on Stellarators formed by Australia, Europe (Germany and Spain), Japan, Russia, Ukraine and United States (2004-2007).

Member of the JET Scientific Council (1996-until its closure).

Member of the International Fusion Research Council (IAEA) (2004-2009).

Spanish Representative in the European Consultative Committee for the Fusion Program of the European Union (1991-2006).

Board member of the “Plasma Physics Division” of the “European Physical Society”. (1994-2000).

Chairman of the JET-EP Ad-Hoc Group, member of the European Domestic Assessment of ITER Review Board (Physics) and furthermore has taken part in the evaluation of the most important European Fusion projects, “Joint Working Group”, Wendelstein 7–X, Textor ED, etc.

Ph.D. in Electrophysics (“Shock Implosion Singularities in Inertial Confinement Fusion Problems”) from the Polytechnic Institute of New York, where worked as Assistant Professor until his return to Spain.

Has published numerous research and divulgation papers in the most prestigious fusion journals and magazines and imparted lectures on fusion all over the world.

Has worked in several international research centers, Universities, private and National Laboratories in both Inertial and Magnetic Confinement Fusion: Polytechnic Institute of New York, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Courant Institute for Mathematical Sciences of NYU, Max Planck Institute Munich, Aeroflex Laboratories, etc.

Decorated with the “Encomienda de la Orden de Isabel la Católica” (2003) and the “Encomienda con Placa de la Orden Civil de Alfonso X el Sabio” (2007). Research award “Carlos Sanchez del Río” from Spanish Nuclear Society (2016).

Born in Zaragoza (1952), Spain. Married, with three daughters.