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Why companies participate in BSBF2020?

1.- The top of Big Science

All companies agree that BSBF2020 is one-of-a-kind because Big Science Organisations leaders in in Europe are participating and highly involved in the organisation of the conference.

“Because the largest European scientific organisations are involved in BSBF2020, it gives the event a feeling of more importance. A lot of the top representatives will be attending, giving a company like ours a good chance to network with crucial contracts …”

Read more about the participating Big Science Organisations here.

2.- Interesting plenary and parallel sessions

The companies look forward to participate in the sessions with the Big Science Organisations, where, among other things, the organisations will present new projects, investments  and cooperation possibilities.

“It will be a great opportunity to meet our big R&D customers in high energy-physics and space again and get updates on future projects and their technical specifications, cooperation possibilities and their technology challenges...”

Find your Big Science business area in the conference programme here.

3- Technology Transfer opportunities

Companies with good ideas and new technologies look forward to present their solutions for the Big Science Market, and they can make Technology Transfer happens in the BSBF2020 with their Technology Transfer proposals.

“The sole opportunity for a company to present their ideas and technologies in the BSBF2020 is the Technology Transfer Track initiative, we do believe it is a great opportunity for us to share our technology to be applied in the Big Science Market…”

“We have already uploaded out Technology Transfer proposal on the web for its application to the instrumentation domain, we hope this will bring us further visibility and the possibility to contact with organisations and companies interested in collaborating with us …”

Find full information about the Technology Transfer Track here.

Find information about the Technology Transfer proposals already uploaded by companies and Big Science Organisations here.

4.- Unique business and network opportunities

At BSBF2020 companies can focus on business opportunities by expanding their network via business-to-business meetings (B2B), business-to-customer meetings (B2C) and networking in the open exhibition area.

“We are interested in finding out how Big Science play together with business. We want to engage with Big Science Organisations we already work with but also meet new organisations and build relationships with them, we will prepare our B2B meetings and networking contacts well in advance of the BSBF2020 looking at participants profiles on the web and their technology transfer proposals...”

Find new partnerships by checking out the exhibitors at BSBF2020 here.


Remember!, the early-bird tickets of 340 EUR excl. VAT will close on 30 April. Go to registration here.

See you in Granada at the @BSBF2020!

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