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BSBF2020 preparation continues despite COVID-19

As you may know, in Spain the government has decreed strict measures in order to limit the spreading of the infection, due to this organisation site is temporarily closed but our activity continues the same, each one working from home.

The key message that we would like to convey is that October is still more than six months away and we are confident that the situation in Europe will stabilise in order to host BSBF2020 on the planned date, so we are working 100% towards this objective.

Needless to say, the organisation will be closely monitoring the progress of the disease in Europe and be ready to react to any change of scenario. But the current plan is to continue working towards meeting you all in Granada on 6-9 October.

You can see at BSBF2020 News that we are making progress at several levels: three sponsors (1 gold, 2 bronze) are already on board, we have published the list of participating SMEs in the SME track, all the technology transfer proposals provided are published in our website, and much more news to come...

That being said, we are aware that during March and April decision making across European organisations may be hindered at several levels, so we have decided to extend several deadlines:

 - Early-bird registration deadline:  deadline extended to 30 June

 - Technology transfer proposals submission deadline: extended to 30 June

 - Call for Affiliated Big Science Organisations: extended to 30 April


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