BSBF2020 programme at a glance | BSBF2022 NEWS

The core of the BSBF2020 programme will be three plenary and the fourteen parallel sessions.

Plenary Sessions

Plenary session I - The investment potential of Europe’s Big Science market

In the program’s plenary session I, participants have a unique opportunity to get to know the investment potential of Europe’s Big Science market when high level speakers from the ten organising Big Science organisations will present their individual organisations. See the list of prominent speakers in the conference programme.

Plenary session II - How to do business with Big Science Organisations

In plenary session II, participants will get to know the key aspects of engaging in business with Big Science organsiations. In this plenary session all heads of procurement from the 10 co-organising Big Science organisations will gather in a round table to discuss different aspects like procurement rules and regulations, technical and financial requirements, managements of IPRs, etc.


Plenary session III - Closing of BSBF2020

Plenary session III, will draw conclusions about BSBF2020, moderated a conductor with a round table to express views about the future of the Big Science market and the role of BSBF to strengthen its potential and future. Passing of the torch ceremony to the next edition organizer.

Parallel Sessions

BSBF2020 will address 10 topics of Big Science as a business area as well as  specific tracks dedicated to SMEs and other affiliated Big Science organisations. Extensive parallel sessions will focus on Big Science investments worth 38,400 M€ in the coming years in different areas.

There will also be a specific session devoted to opportunities for the European industry for IFMIF-DONES and two sessions which will cover future investments in participating Affiliated Big Science Organisations (ABSOs).

Parallel sessions:

  • Basic material technologies and advanced manufacturing techniques
  • Complex building construction and its safety related systems
  • Cryogenics, vacuum and leak detection technologies technologies
  • Diagnostics and detectors, sensors, optics and instruments
  • Electrical, power electronics, electromechanical and RF systems
  • High precision and large mechanical components
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Instrumentation, control and CODAC
  • Remote handling systems
  • Superconductivity and superconducting magnets
  • Industrial Opportunities for IFMIF-DONES
  • Affiliated Big Science Organisations I
  • Affiliated Big Science Organisations II


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