F4E launches the Technology Transfer Award | BSBF2022 NEWS

The EU contribution to ITER, and the years of investment in fusion research, have been instrumental in offering companies and laboratories the possibility to participate in the most ambitious experiments in the field and to unleash their potential.

Fusion for Energy (F4E) is the European Union organisation managing Europe’s contribution to ITER— the biggest scientific experiment on the path to fusion energy. This partnership of seven parties (China, Europe, Japan, India, the Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation and the USA), represents half of the world’s population and 80% of the global GDP. Europe is responsible for nearly half of the project, while the other six parties contribute equally to the rest.

From the very beginning, F4E has been encouraging its industrial partners to explore their fusion know-how and try selling it to new markets. Sometimes breakthroughs have occurred due to new and demanding technical requirements. Multi-disciplinary expertise, new processes and data are thoroughly reviewed to deliver the best solutions. In other occasions, however, almost by accident, a mix of skills and human curiosity offer unexpected answers to complex questions. The ways to breakthroughs are several and the gains they generate are many.

The applications will be evaluated according to the resources and efforts deployed by the candidate to achieve commercial use of the technology in a non-fusion market, as well as the socio-economic impact of the project on the market


The submission process opens on 18 January and closes on 18 March. A financial award of 10 000 EUR will be given to the winner.

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