BSBF Webinar Episode 3: “High-Energy Accelerators and Synchrotrons: strategies, roadmaps and development programmes” already opens! | BSBF2022 NEWS

After the first and second episode devoted to Astronomy and Fusion, this is the third episode of a series which will feature one more episode focused on long-term strategic plans and development programmes of synchrotrons and high-energy accelerators.

Particle Physic tries to provide answers to some of mankind’s most basic questions nature hides the secrets of the fundamental physical laws in the tiniest nooks of space and time. By developing technologies to probe ever-higher energy and thus smaller distance scales, particle physics has made discoveries that have transformed the scientific understanding of the world.

In this webinar, “A look into the future of Big Science infrastructures. Episode 3: High-energy accelerators and synchrotrons: Strategic view, roadmaps and development programmes”, we have assembled prominent speakers from CERN, ESS, ESRF, FAIR and European XFEL, who will try to identify the technologies that will drive these and other organisations’ future projects, taking a look at their strategies for the future and their research and development programmes, and how industry can get involved.

Registration to the webinar is already opened! Don’t miss the opportunity, you can find the agenda and the link for registering here.


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