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ESFRI has published the 2021 ESFRI Roadmap and presented it last week as part of the ESFRI Days 2021.

Αfter a two-year-long process of hard and meticulous work by a great number of scientists and ESFRI delegates, the new ESFRI Roadmap has been published. On December 7th, 2021, ESFRI presented the 2021 ESFRI Roadmap on Large Scale Research Infrastructures during an online celebratory event. Equipping Europe with infrastructures for groundbreaking impactful research is at the heart of the ESFRI Roadmap. The Roadmap identifies European investment priorities and provides directions for their further development, and looks into the future challenges of Research Infrastructure policy and analyses the main features of the RIs landscape in Europe to implement an integrated and interconnected Research infrastructure eco-system as an important element of the European Research Area (ERA) Policy Agenda.

The ESFRI Roadmap 2021 is the sixth edition of the document, which has been influencing the European and national RI strategies, policies and funding since 2006. ESFRI periodically updates its Roadmap to provide a coherent and strategic vision ensuring that Europe has excellent RIs in all fields of science and innovation. The key messages of the 2021 edition of the Roadmap, prepared during the COVID-19 pandemic, clearly underline the importance of world-class RIs in enabling cutting edge research to address the pressing requests and challenges of our society. This Roadmap, with the highest total cost of pledged investments since the first edition in 2006, also demonstrates the persisting willingness of national governments to invest substantially in improving RI capacities in Europe, as an important element of long-term scientific sovereignty and crisis preparedness. The ESFRI Roadmap now includes 41 European Research Infrastructures which have already been implemented (Landmarks) and 22 RI Projects that are in their preparatory phase. The total investment in these, often globally unique, facilities will exceed EUR 20 billion.

11 new RI Projects enter the Roadmap, with two new projects in the Physical Sciences and Engineering Domain:

  • ET - Einstein Telescope. The first and most advanced third-generation gravitational-wave observatory, with unprecedented sensitivity that will put Europe at the forefront of Gravitation Waves research.
  • EuPRAXIA - European Plasma Research Accelerator with Excellence in Applications. A distributed, compact and innovative accelerator facility based on plasma technology, set to construct an electron-beam-driven plasma accelerator in the metropolitan area of Rome, followed by a laser-driven plasma accelerator in European territory.


VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQ64YPHPShk

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