ICTS are the new BRONZE Big Science Business Forum sponsor

The term Unique Scientific and Technical Infrastructures (ICTS) refers to leading R&D facilities that, individually or by coordinating several installations, provide services for pioneering and top-quality research, as well as for the transmission, exchange and preservation of knowledge, transfer of technology, and promotion of innovation. The ultimate goal is to provide the national and international science, technology and industrial community with pioneering scientific-technical infrastructures that are essential for competitive and quality scientific and technical research. These are technical means that are unique or exceptional in their field, with a high investment and/or maintenance and operation cost, and whose importance and strategic nature justify their availability for the entire R&D group.


The ICTS have three fundamental characteristics:
1.- They are publicly owned infrastructures. That is, they belong to or are managed by public entities under the authority of the state and/or regional governments. They are mostly funded by public money.
2.- They are unique, which means they are one of a kind, including:

  • Large facilities that enable the observation, analysis and interpretation of phenomena of interest.
  • Complex experimental infrastructures designed to create, reproduce and study physical, chemical andbiological phenomena of interest.
  • Large experimental infrastructures for engineering and developing new technologies applied in different fields.
  • Essential infrastructures to provide scientists with access to natural settings that present unique characteristics for research.
  • Advanced technology that provides horizontal and fundamental support in all scientific and technological disciplines.

3.- They are open to competitive user access in the entire research community, both from the public and private sector.

The ICTS are located across Spain and are included on the “National Map of Unique Scientific and Technical Infrastructures (ICTS)” (hereinafter “ICTS Map”). The current map consists of 29 ICTS, bringing together a total of 62 infrastructures.


For further info visit the ICTS webpage or download the updated ICTS Map.


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Tessella BRONZE Big Science Business Forum sponsor

Tessella is proud to be Bronze sponsors of BSBF2021. Tessella answers your complex data and computing challenges – leaving you more time to focus on the science. For 40 years Tessella has worked with leading international research institutes, including many of the BSBF2021 organisations.

Tessella´s areas of expertise are:

  • AI + Data Science - Enabling research teams to extract meaning from raw experimental data, free up experts and shrink the backlog of experimental results that need analysis.
  • Cloud + HPC - Maximizing the potential of cloud-based platforms to provide distributed access and the shared high-power computing resources scientists need.
  • Robust Systems + Software - Over the last 40 years, we have worked with our clients to meet the complex computing needs of the scientific research community.


Find out more in Tessella´s webpage 

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CADINOX – Big Science new SILVER BSBF2020 sponsor

CADINOX is supporting the BSBF2020 as SILVER sponsor and you will be able to meet Cadinox at BSBF2020 in exhibition stand 52.

CADINOX, since 1966 is dedicated to the mechanical fabrication of extremely precise and large sized critical equipment that works in complex and unique environments.

CADINOX, is specialized in the detail design, fabrication, testing, assembly and machining of integral mechano-welded products. CADINOX has a large experience manufacturing in complex Stainless steels, Carbon Steels and Aluminium. CADINOX has many references in Vacuum Chambers (high vacuum) Cryostat and large and complex structures.

For more info visit: www.cadinox.com

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Ensa new BRONZE BSBF2020 sponsor

The company Ensa is the first BRONZE sponsor and you will be able to meet ENSA in the “Cluster de la Industria Nuclear de Cantabria (CINC)” stand inside the ILO Spain (CDTI) area exhibition: stand 33-42.

Ensa is one of the world's leading companies in the design and development of complex and critical equipment for Big Science and Space across the world.

For 40 years, Ensa has supplied components for nuclear plants all around the world in compliance with international standards and the most strict quality requirements. This has enabled Ensa to become a multi-system manufacturer, capable of succeeding in the most demanding fabrication of nuclear components under different codes and norms.

Ensa's outstanding industrial profile guarantees its presence in major projects such as ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor), in which, in addition to manufacturing different segments of TOKAMAK sectors, the company has developed all the robotic and automated processes for welding and inspection at the junction of these sectors.

For more info visit: www.ensa.es

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Exhibition space nearly sold out, don’t miss your opportunity!

BSBF2020 exhibition space has been nearly sold out, and there are only 15 booths available so far. Don’t miss your opportunity to become exhibitor!

All exhibitors, their details, point of contact and its location in the exhibition map can be check out at  https://www.bsbf2020.org/Exhibitors, and even you can download there the list of exhibitors (pdf).

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UPM – Big Science new BRONZE BSBF2020 sponsor

UPM - Big Science is supporting the BSBF2020 as BRONZE sponsor and you will be able to meet UPM Big Science at BSBF2020 in exhibition stand 60.

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) is the largest Spanish technological university specialized in all engineering fields and architecture. Currently, UPM has developed an initiative called UPM Big Science aimed at promoting and improving the participation in international programs and positioning UPM at the cutting edge in Big Science actions.

Among the contributions of UPM in Big Science, the following ones can be highlighted: Analysis of Accidental Situations of Cryostat for ITER; Design of Spallation Target, Monolithic Vessel and Beam Dump for the European Spallation Source (ESS); Power Supplies for the Superconducting Magnets of the European XFEL; Future Architecture of ESA Deep Space Stations for Enhanced Mission Support; or Development of COOL FOOT Production and Manufacturing System to Support the LHC of CERN.

For more info visit: https://www.upm.es/Investigacion/iniciativas/bigscience

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AVS new GOLD BSBF2020 sponsor

The company AVS is the first company supporting the BSBF2020 as GOLD sponsor and you will be able to meet AVS at BSBF2020 in exhibition stand 24.

AVS is one of the world's leading companies in the design and development of complex and critical equipment for Big Science and Space across the world.

AVS is strongly focused on the development of outstanding mechanisms and instruments, and they aim to provide technology-based services to innovative and challenging projects in the fields of Particle Physics, Fusion, Astrophysics and Space.

Photo - Left: One of the two Large Volume Vacuum Enclosures for ELI-NP. Credits: AVS / Right: MEDA Wind Sensors installed on the Mars 2020 rover. Credits: NASA JPL

For more info visit: www.a-v-s.es

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Big Science Business Forum 2020 exhibition space registration opens!

BSBF2020 exhibition space registration will be open on 3rd February 2020 at 13:00 CET for all interested businesses and organisations. The exhibition space floorplan have been published online and BSBF2020 have received great increased interest from potential exhibitors during the last couple of months.

Be ready and don’t miss this opportunity to promote your company or organization in the Big Science Market!

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[27-Nov] BSBF2020 Sponsorship registration will open on early December 2019 on the web. Sponsoring will give your business or organisation a unique platform for promotion. Don`t miss this opportunity!

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