Selected Technology Transfer proposals will be entitled to …

Technology transfer proposals will be considered as candidates for the Technology Transfer meetings along the BSBF2020. From the proposals presented up to the Technology transfer proposals submission deadline (30/06/2020), a selection of proposals will be performed by the organization based on its relevance and quality. The selected ones will feature in the Technology Transfer meeting, and will be entitled to several benefits.

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Upload your Technology Transfer Proposal!

Some Big Science Organisation (CERN, EMBL, ESA, ESO, ESS, ESRF, F4E) had already submitted their Technology Transfer proposals as examples for participants, you can see them here.

BSBF2020 participants, industry, universities and research institutions, have a great opportunity to present their ideas and new technologies applicable for the Big Science Market in the BSBF2020, and they can make Technology Transfer happens. 

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[04-Dec] Technology Transfer Track is new at BSBF2020! It is composed by a special technology transfer programme of meetings and posters, and it is open for participation to research organisations and industry. Join the track and make your technologies known to move your business forward!

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