Plenary session III

6th October 2022/ 16:30-18:30
Federico García Lorca Auditorium
(floors 0 & -1)

Plenary session III will draw conclusions about BSBF2022. Different representatives will be invited to a round table to express their views about the future of the Big Science market and the role of BSBF to strengthen its potential and future.

Finally, the torch will be passed to the next organiser of the Big Science Business Forum.

16.30-18.15 Experiences from BSBF2018 and panel discussion of views on the future and challenges of the Big Science market: two research infrastructures, one prime contractor, two SMEs, one Technology transfer speaker, CDTI and the chair of PERIIA.

18.15-18.30 Concluding remarks.

18.30 Passing of the torch ceremony to the next BSBF organiser.